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It's a great time to sell in the Comox Valley! 

It is a sellers market in most categories in 2018 as demand is greater than supply. 2017 resulted in 7% fewer real estate transactions in the Comox Valley compared with 2016; however, the total dollars transacted rose 8% (due to higher real estate prices).  2017 was an exceptional year and 20% above the 22-year average of 1548 sales.   

In 2017, the average time for a real estate listing to sell dropped 39% to 51 days.  For single family homes the average dropped to 30 days!

I am a full-time Listing Specialist and I work hard for my clients to make the process simple, carefree and rewarding.  I have helped many clients successfully sell their homes and this has ranked my results among the top 20% of Realtors in the Comox Valley. 


Contact me for a No cost, No obligation Home Evaluation detailing what your home or real estate holding is currently worth and why. In addition, I will outline a Business Plan for the sale of your home with unique marketing tools to ensure it stands out from the crowd in a professional and compelling way. 


The Home Selling Process

Home Preparation and Staging

A home that is issue free, clean and ready to move into will sell faster and for more money, than the same home left in an unkept manner.  I will work with you to create and manage a home staging action plan that is efficient, cost effective and will produce the best results.  Visit a list of Home Staging Tips  and then call me for a complimentary home staging plan.  

Pricing Your Home Correctly

The Comox Valley is a competitive real estate market. I will help you price your home correctly to get the full market value of your real estate holding.  One way I do this is by generating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report, which will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area (if applicable).  I also look at how the real estate market is trending, the condition of your home and the distinguishing characteristics it has, to ensure I have all the information required to make the best possible decision when pricing your home on the market.  

Marketing Your Home 

I have over 25 years of senior marketing and  business management experience - including many years focused directly on real estate.  I customize a Marketing/Business Plan for each real estate holding I sell based on its assets and current market conditions.  I finalize this plan with your valuable input and put it into action to ensure the best result.  

Offer Receipt and Negotiation

Once your home has been prepared, priced, listed and marketed you should expect to receive an offer.  If the offer is for your asking price or more, acceptance follows and my team and I will help you through the various post acceptance steps leading up to and beyond the closing date.

If the offer is for less than asking price, deciding whether to place a 'counter offer' and for how much requires a skilled negotiator such as myself to ensure you make a well informed decision.  I have successfully negotiated thousands of business transactions for clients and I will work tirelessly to ensure my clients' needs are met. Once the counter offer decision is decided upon, I will present that to the buyers for their acceptance or counter.  This process may continue until an agreement is reached.

Post Acceptance

Once an agreement is reached, there are still many details to be worked through. To name just a few: setting up a time for a building inspection by the prospective buyers, receiving the deposit money, arranging for all documents to be transferred to your legal representative. As your Professional REALTOR®, I work with my clients to ensure that all the follow-up deadlines are met; including deposits, building inspections, subject removals, conveyancing, etc. 

Every Step Of The Way...

You can rest assured the business dealings will be confidential and that I will be working for you every step of the way to make sure that your selling experience is stress free, efficient and rewarding. 

Live YOUR Dean!