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Comox Valley real estate statistics for June 2020

The Comox Valley real estate market increased considerably in June, in response to the significant decrease in market activity in April and May due to the global pandemic. I see market activity increasing each week and foresee this rebound continuing through July and August. 

  • Total sales dollars (all property types) for June 2020 in the Comox Valley increased by 50% compared to June 2019!

  • The average sell price of a single-family home in June 2020 was $627,920 (median sell price $582,000).  This is a 16% increase from June 2019. 

  • Currently, it takes an average of 49 days for a single-family home to sell. This is only a 1% increase from June last year, when the average was 48 days.

  • Single-family homes sold for 98% of the listing price in June 2020.

  • The number of single-family units listed in June 2020 was down by 38% from June 2019. However, the number of units reported sold increased by 35% compared to last year.

For detailed information, visit  Comox Valley Real Estate Statistics or  contact me directly. 


          Bank interest rates drop 1.5%

          The federal government dropped interest rates by 0.5% on March 4, March 13 and March 27 for a 1.5% total drop in March 2020.  This is good news for many home buyers.  On April 6, 2020 Invis was advertising 2.35% on a five year variable rate mortgage.